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Vermont Strippers Update August 23, 2021

New pics and videos, new strippers

We are adding to the already, best lineup in New England. This past weekend we welcomed, Kaira, a 18 year old smokeshow brunette, who’s a tall drink of water at 5’7″ and 105 lbs. Also Winter joined us, a sexy blonde strip club dancer who works well with Iris. Those 3 worked together, Iris training Kiara on Saturday. Here is the review, it’s a repeat customer, he went through the roster, and Vanessa whom he first requested, was out of town this weekend, hence the subject line. You can see he absolutely loved the trio

Oh  I should show you the strippers right? You already know Iris

Here’s Winter.

Vermont stripper Winter

Sexy strippers

Kaira chooses no to appear online, this body shot though is her.

Riley is back, so is MiKyla

VT Stripper
Stowe strippers
Vermont stripper Riley

I paired Riley up with Nicole, so 2 smokeshow blondes arrived to the party, here is the review

bachelor party review

Back to the return of MiKyla, here is your Vermont stripper

Vermont stripper MiKyla

So if you want to book the hottest strippers in Vermont, you found the right site. I have about 30 to 35 sites. All location based domains. We cover of all New England since 1992.

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