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Burlington Vermont bachelor party review

Bella and Vanessa party review

I booked Bella & Vanessa for a bachelor party in Burlington, Vermont last weekend. The customer mentioned in emails Bella was his favorite out of the roster. Bella showed up. I know that can’t happen at a lot of parties in New England, since other agencies post fake pics. You aren’t getting that hot chick you saw on some other site, because she isn’t a dancer in this area. I laugh that one company still uses pics from 2002.

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As you can see, the email has my name in it. I use my real name, you can’t say that same for many agencies. I guess using a fake name, is a way of getting out of no show bookings.

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Book the best Vermont strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. Always booking hot strippers. The first girls working for my agency, mostly were stripopers working at Matthews in Tyngsboro, MA. If you ever visited that club in the 90s or 2000s, you know it had smokin’ hot women. Lots of Canadians working. VIP Entertainment (Before I incorporated) was booking Montreal strippers in New England. Drop dead gorgeous french girls. Well enough about the past.
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She is gorgeous young lady, great body. Fit. She started her dance career here, tried some clubs, I let her go, she came back, knowing we are the best. She’s been working the past 2 months. She is up to work with anyone, I have her booked with Julz in a couple of weeks, she hasn’t even met Julz yet.
Bella doesn’t allow me to show her face online. She is keeping being a stripper private. I do have this great rear view of Bella.
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