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Okemo bachelor party review – Ava & Taylor 802-342-4295

Okemo bachelor party review

Booked Ava and a newly brunette Taylor for an Okemo bachelor party in Vermont, Presidents Day weekend. Taylor went from blonde to brown. And the customers loved it. Ava is blonde, Taylor brunette, the girls are friends forever. This means they put on a fun, smooth, entertaining show. We don’t pair strangers up for parties, like some of the other agencies. Currently 5 of our girls all live within 10 miles of each other. All hang out and work out together. If you need Okemo strippers call 802-342-4295
Here’s the bachelor party review, sent via email
Okemo strippers

If you have trouble seeing the image,

Okemo bachelor party : “We have been talking about it non stop.  Girls were incredibly hot.  Hotter then (sic) the pictures.  And the one girl who dyed her hair brown should keep it that way.  Every single person in the room said it was by far the best show they had seen and some of us are seasoned veterans to these type of things.  Girls were fun and energetic.  Played well with the crowd and are willing to go for it all.  We couldn’t of asked for a better time.  Even Tony (driver) was a cool ass dude.”

And now, what separates my agency from the others, I’ll post the review and pics of the girls from that evening.

Okemo bachelor party pics

Ava and Taylor Okemo strippers

Okemo bachelor party strippers

Ava Okemo strippers

And here’s the first pic Taylor sent me of her new hair color

Taylor brunette stripper

Well there you have it, another successful bachelor party for VIP Strippers. Booking strippers since 1992. Covering all of New England. Dominating the Vermont bachelor party business. The current roster is full of smoke shows, some customers do not know what a smoke show is. It’s a very hot girl.  Call 802-342-4295 to speak to me, Meni. VIP Entertainment Inc. Based in Manchester, NH, cover 4 hours in any direction. We do parties in NYC. Burlington Vermont, Providence RI, We only go half way up Maine, because Maine is one large state. Probably 8 to 9 hour drive to the northern reaches. And of course Vermont is close by to us.