Eight ways to have fun in Woodstock, Vermont

Used to be that Woodstock, Vermont, was just someplace you passed on the way to Killington; a picturesque New England village with covered bridges, Paul Revere bells, and a mountain that paled in comparison with the icy action further north. But in recent years, a series of upgrades and openings has restored Woodstock to the destination status Laurance Rockefeller — venture capitalist, staunch conservationist, and grandson of John D. — originally imagined when he invested in the town back in the 1960s and ’70s, envisioning a place that recognized winter as a season to be enjoyed, and not just endured.

Rockefeller would surely be proud, as the modern-day Woodstock deserves far more than a drive-by. Not too rural, not too urban (it’s still Vermont, after all), the town is the Hollywood version of New England come to life: top-notch restaurants, too-cute shops, and fireplaces a-plenty strung along a walkable downtown dotted with historic homes. Read More

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