Vermont Strippers weekend, quite a weekend. which runs this blog, along with about 15 other blogs, and sites had quite a weekend in Vermont. We covered shows in Burlington, Stowe, Killington, Stratton, and Mt. Snow.
We delivered girls Saturday evening, despite the travel ban in Massachusetts not letting up till 4 pm.
We ran into car trouble before 7 pm show in Mt Snow, so we pushed it back to midnight, and I added 2 dancers FREE. Needless to say, a 7 pm party with dinner reservations at 9 pm, with 2 dancers isn’t as good as 4 dancers at midnight with no time limit.
the 4 girls were Alexis, Kiley, Jenna & Lacey. I am the only agent, that shows his actual dancers, talks about actual shows. There are some agencies in New England with same girls on their dancer page since 2002.
Ridiculous. book with me, the best real roster in New England. 802-342-4295

In Killington, I delivered the girls they booked, Alexis & Kiley, the guys loved the show but told my driver, that I was an asshole on the phone. Yes I was an asshole, 3 hours before the party, one of the guys in Killington started texting me about the show, he asked for sex, I said no, he asked for bj’s I said NO, he asked for f*sting, so I said you can f*st your buddies. So the guy who was a keyboard hero before the party, was polite when the dancers showed up. I’ve been booking dancers for 20 years, this will be my 21st this summer.