Vermont’s only strip club might be re-opening

Planet Rock might be re-opening, no one knows when it actually closed, but it’s been closed for a while. They are hiring dancers. You can read more about this on my strip club blog

We get calls with customers thinking we are a strip club, I would mention Planet Rock, without ever being there. Here is a great article, a couple spent Valentine’s Day at Planet Rock last year. The post is entitled A ‘Romantic’ Night With The Hubby at Planet Rock.

Planet Rock

Looks like the club will be a juice bar, no liquor sold at the club. That works in NJ, if the girls are hot, the guy s would line up for lap dances, not sure Vermont has the talent, nor the interest NJ guys have.

So if you need strippers, call my agency, have the strip club at your place, but if you are solo, go to the strip club.